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6.30am -  2.30pm

the beginning...

Some twenty five years ago (1992) we applied to Spelthorne Borough Council for a licence, this was to convert and locate a bus on Windmill Road West as a quality but affordable food outlet. We were successful with our request and started trading, after what now seems a lifetime ago we are still here despite trading conditions changing quite dramatically. By that I mean Bakers, Cafe's etc have vans out on the roads, Supermarkets have designated areas of 'Meal Deals' plus in house Coffee shops and even once thriving Public Houses have had to turn to offering Breakfasts. For those of us over 30 who would have believed it, we used to enjoy a drink,  play darts in Pubs and if we were there for breakfast it meant we had enjoyed a very  long night, how times have changed.

This has all prompted the website hoping that it will give you an opportunity to see a little of what we do before putting us to the test. We understand that a converted vehicle at the side of the road is not to everyone's idea of Al fresco dining but we do have a terraced area providing tables allowing you to get out of your workplace and make the most of any weather we are blessed with. Very soon we intend to have a 'Dish of the Day' this will be posted on this site and include, Chilli con Carni, Chicken Curry, Sausage Mash and Peas, Cod Chips and Peas, various Pasta dishes and others.


About the Brunch Bus