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Windmill Road West,

Sunbury on Thames,

TW16 7HB.

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To follow up from our closing week we would like to say how genuinely touched and upset we were by customers comments, it had a huge  effect on us particularly Cheryl whom since college, in the most extreme conditions has given her entire working life to the Brunch Bus.  As explained it has been very difficult over recent years to keep the Brunch Bus viable without getting the help from the Local Authority but it's not just down to them.  Staff wise we needed to find someone to help us as our valuable help and family member was relocating to other parts, it seems that working in a converted bus for poor wages does not have much appeal. There are so many vendors  competing in the marketplace some opting to use apps that get it delivered to your door but we rightly or wrongly felt being based on the estate our products should be prepared as ordered so as to be enjoyed within minutes of ordering.

                                                   Unfortunately our last day


With deep regret after 27 years of trading in Windmill Road West we sadly find ourselves unable to carry on. This is mainly due to the many changes on the estate, primarily the parking issues that have evolved over the last two years leaving it difficult for customers to frequent us with ease. It means that people have to risk parking tickets or inconveniencing other road users in order to visit the Brunch Bus and that obviously impacts on our takings and viability. We wished we had received more support from Local Authority and our Councillor, perhaps some designated short term parking, it could have made such a difference.

We will take the opportunity to thank all customers some of whom have been with us since the start, we would like to think many have become real friends. Youngsters that would sneak in on there way to school now have grown up families of their own, things like that bring home how long we have been here and makes it even sadder that it has come to an end.

                                                Very best wishes,

                                                Cheryl and Keith.